Inventory Photography and Videography

Think of your website like a fishing pole--it's a nice tool but without lures or bait, it's not very useful. Digital assets are like lures for your website; they're the shiny bits of photography, video, and graphic-design that make your website appealing to customers. Without good digital assets your website is the digital equivalent of an ad in the phone book, and your clients have been conditioned to expect more than that from a website.

We have the tools and expertise to create beautiful digital assets for the monument industry. Have a look at the video above and then imagine an entire web page of your signature products displayed this way. You could also take these same videos and put them into one of our iPad Sales apps to be used in your shop, or one of your wholesale account's shops. Granite is heavy and unportable, but these beautiful videos can be anywhere, anytime, at the speed of light. Use them in emails, presentations, visits to client's homes, etc. Once the video is created, you can use it in many different ways for as long as you want.