Free Use for MBNA Members
MBNA Videos Are Free for MBNA Members

It's 100-percent free for MBNA members to use the MBNA's remember videos on their websites and social media accounts. To get started you can download the links and embed code document (pdf 1.1mb) and send it to your web developer. The MBNA's remember videos give MBNA members access to over $100,000 worth of media that can improve the effectiveness of their websites and social media campaigns.

MBNA Video Channel $500/year
Use the MBNA Videos in the MBNA video Channel viewer

This is the "set it and forget it" option for monument makers that don't have time to constantly update videos on their website. With the MBNA channel your web developer places the channel viewer on your site once, and then we update the video being shown in that viewer so that your clients see the "Mothers" video on and around Mother's Day and the "Fathers" video on and around Father's Day, etc. The Channel saves you time and $$.

Bumpers - Video Branding $200/Video
Brand an MBNA video with your company's name and logo

If you'd like to add your branding to an MBNA video, then the MBNA's Bumper product is what you need. Like car bumpers, your branding is added to the beginning and end of an individual MBNA video. Once your branding has been added to the video we send you a small snippet of code that your web developer will use to place the video on your website. This is a web-only product. No master copy is provided with Bumpers.

Master Collection $2,500

The Master Collection gives you the most options for using the MBNA videos. It is the only product that gives you a branded master copy of each video as well as a branded video designed for looping. With the proper equipment you can use the looping video to continuously loop through the videos. The 12 videos in volume one are ready for delivery now. You'll get the other 12 videos on volume two once the MBNA's Remember Project

iPad App $5,000
MBNA Videos Are Free for MBNA Members

The ultimate sales catalogue! We can customize the App with your company's name, logo, colors, products, etc. Your clients will love the convenience of being able to see beautiful pictures and videos about memorialization on an iPad. Couple the App with our custom product photography and cinematography to leave a very favorable impression on your clients! The app price includes the MBNA's Master Collection product.